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The Council of Business & Professions (COBAP) is currently chaired by our Brisbane Chapter Vice President Mr. Ravi Upamanyu .

  • WHAT IS COBAP & COBAP Connect?
    COBAP is an acronym for Council of Business and Professions; another GOIFY initiative to help connect, resident Indian businesses and professionals from all industries. COBAP is also a knowledge and information sharing platform where businesses and professionals engage in sharing knowledge or experience and collaborate with each other and also industry leaders to achieve our business and professional goals and objectives. All COBAP activities will be managed and run by the name ‘GOIFY Connect’.
  • WHY DO WE NEED COBAP Connect ?
    In the wake of a gloomy economic outlook, and as residents of a foreign land it is highly imperative that we not only stay up-to-date with the market and industry changes but also connect with each other professionally to learn from each other’s experience and knowledge. GOIFY envisages creating these opportunities for businesses and professions through industry specific workshops , leadership summits and networking & business events.

COBAP Connect with the local and global perspective will partner and collaborate with government & all industry and professional associations to mobilise all its business and professional events and activities. COBAP Connect envisage bringing together 3 keys for business and professional success – CONNECTING, COMMUNICATION & COLLABORATION

Our current areas of focus are:

  • Accounting, Finance, Banking and Taxation
  • Education
  • Business start-ups & Entrepreneurship
  • Engineering and Information Technology
  • Health and Wellness
  • Project Management
  • Real estate and Profile creation
  • International Trade

COBAP is currently in the process of expanding its team and we welcome expression of interest from everyone in the community. We also look forward for our members to take active part in all COBAP activities.
If you are interested to start a Council chapter or would like to actively involve in any of the Council’s activities, get in touch with us here

We look forward to CONNECT, COMMUNICATE AND COLLABORATE with you!.
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