GOIFY’s  vision is to become a self reliant world organisation that represents Indians at  the global level. GOIFY wants to become a global leader organisation in  partnership with governments and communities across the world  to elevate  India’s image globally. GOIFY intends to fulfil aspirations of Indian families  and the youth in their resident countries by providing catered products and  services.


Global Organisation for Indian Family & Youth (GOIFY) Inc. is a not for profit, secular, non-political  and global organisation that promotes India at the global level. GOIFY helps  connect Indian families and youth in resident countries for their mutual development and growth. It also promotes preservation of rich Indian culture and heritage for future Indian generations in the resident country.
So the objectives of the association are  to;

Promote and encourage contemporary Indian thinking by utilising Indian resources & technologies to improve India’s image globally.

Promote and develop platforms to improve communication between  resident Indians and local community groups to help resolve common issues and  problems.

Develop platforms to bring Indian families and the youth together for  mutual advancement and growth.

Develop strategies and programs to help preserve and instil Indian  culture and heritage for the future generations in the resident  country


Integrity: We must always conduct ourselves fairly, honestly and  transparently. Everything we do must stand the test of public  scrutiny.

Accountability: We must take accountability for all our actions and be  sensitive to the feelings of all countries and communities.

Excellence: We must strive to achieve the highest possible standards  in the quality of catered products or services we provide to the members
and the community.

Unity: We must work cohesively with all GOIFY chapters, members, councils across the world. We should also take responsibility to build
strong relationships with other communities based on principles of tolerance,  understanding and mutual cooperation.

Serve: We must serve our members and community with utmost commitment   and strive to fulfil their expectations and aspirations.